Brand design

Let’s craft future proof, intuitive brands. Solid positioning, brand identity and design systems that resonate with your audience and work for your goals.

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A strong brand is like the wind in your sail. We develop dynamic brands with a digital-first mindset. Based on your goals, we refine your brand strategy or create a complete digital makeover. Including a brand story, copy platform, and a design system that can be applied to all touch points. In short, we deliver iconic digital brands.

Brand (re)positioning

A distinctive, forward-looking positioning is the foundation for relevant customer experiences. Our approach leads to guiding tools for proposition development, UX and communication. The brand strategy aligns with longer-term goals and becomes practical through a brand compass with brand values, guidelines and a blazing manifesto in the style of the brand.

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Identity design

Brand identity: the way the brand presents itself (online). A strong digital identity creates a consistent and recognizable brand experience, allowing customers to build trust and feel connected to the brand.

Depending on the reason and starting situation, we develop a completely new style, or do a re-design of existing components. We also lay down the communication style, such as tone of voice, in the identity.

Brand identity Gemeente Rotterdam
We focus not so much on what is trending right now, but rather on deeper strategic insights. Once we have those, we seek bold creativity—something that makes a product or service truly stand out, whether through innovation or accessibility.
Rolf CoppensCreative Director

Design systems

Based on the digital identity, we develop a design system. These are the standardized elements of the identity (colors, fonts, design language, etc.) and guidelines, so that the identity can be consistently applied to all kinds of expressions and channels. This creates seamless user experiences and strengthens your digital brand.

As designers with a digital heart, we create iconic identities that work perfectly on screen, but just as well off it. Because good design is strong everywhere.
Rolf CoppensCreative Director

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