Innovation by Design

Let’s create a future so desirable, that it will be undeniable. Today we redesign tomorrow, with a shared vision of the future and concrete solutions on the path forward.

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Seeking to navigate the complexities of tomorrow’s landscape? We work in co-creation on a shared future vision, strategy and roadmaps. Through service design, we collaborate to develop breakthrough concepts for digital innovation and improved customer journeys.

Future vision

We see that our clients’ challenges are increasingly complex and our clients are looking for new ways to be distinctive and future-proof. Ai, aging, biometrics, polarization, sustainability…. just a few themes that can be an opportunity or threat to the future of your organization and business model. With our design thinking method Future Scoping we help you to rapidly define an inspiring and supported vision of the future.


When the direction is defined, the next question is: what do we actually do? In what order? And at what pace? We form a roadmap on 3 horizons: optimize, innovate and transform. And determine: with what do we set a change in motion. What is the first step with concrete impact in the right direction?

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Innovation can feel complicated. But change mainly comes from doing things, and quickly finding concrete solutions. With design sprints we work on concepts and prototypes for new services, platforms and propositions. The result is always concrete and tangible, developed in co-creation with employees and then validated with end users.

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In our work sessions, we ask employees to respond to a "How might we?" question. This provocative and challenging question encourages creative thinking and pushes them out of their comfort zones.
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Service blueprint

We don’t just develop solutions for end users, we help your business truly transform, by making innovations land in the organization. The desired customer journey is the starting point; in co-creation we work on concepts and service blueprints, detailing what is needed to realize the best customer experiences. Human centered design, in other words, deriving from a clear strategy.


A result of a design sprint is always a validated prototype. This can be, for example, a click model of a digital product or service.

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