IN10 and GRRR are joining forces as Norday

A merger focused on innovative power

Norday Managment Team: Rebecca Stadman (MD), Rolf Coppens (creatie), Marlies de Gooijer (strategie), Geoffrey Jansen (business), en Wade de Wit (operations).

IN10 and GRRR, both part of Handpicked, are continuing as Norday (B Corp). This merger enhances our innovation capabilities by combining expertise in areas such as healthcare, culture, climate technology, and public services. It also provides the flexibility to bring in additional strategy, design, and tech experts as needed.

Norday slogan 'Let's redesign for life'
With our combined expertise and a team of 68 specialists, we can offer clients more knowledge and speed. The merger strengthens us in simultaneously developing digital solutions for end-users and to help our clients transform by embedding innovations into their organizations.
Rebecca StadmanManaging Director, Norday

Let’s redesign for life

Norday’s mission is to drive as much positive change as possible through design. Organizations face complex challenges and are seeking new ways to stand out and remain future-proof. Through co-creation, Norday designs digital services and experiences that have a significant impact on how people work, live, play, and grow.

Vrouw houdt haar handen uit elkaar om iets aan te duiden en lachtT bij Norday, GRRR en In10
Our unique combined strength lies in merging substantive expertise in our domains with the best digital creativity, from a long-term strategy perspective. We are incredibly excited to combine our collective experience and knowledge for our clients under one unified brand and team.
Rolf CoppensCreative Director, Norday

The new management team of Norday consists of Rebecca Stadman (MD), Rolf Coppens (creatie), Marlies de Gooijer (strategie), Geoffrey Jansen (business), and Wade de Wit (operations). Because of the merge, our talented team has more space to focus on their expertise in the domains and digital creativity, for example, in sustainability, AI, and accessibility.


About Norday

Today we redesign tomorrow.

We connect your strategic direction with concrete solutions that make can immediate impact. By collaborating with clients, Norday creates digital services and stories that help people work, care, play, and grow. ‘Let’s redesign for life’ is not just our slogan; it is our promise to our clients and to their customers, employees, visitors, patients, and citizens.

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