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Fastned, the market leader in electric fast-charging stations, evolved from a startup to a scale-up, aiming to create an extensive European network of fast-charging stations. However, in 2015, Fastned operated in a time when electric driving was not yet commonplace. Success required trust from governments and investors, as well as attracting users and competing with large players like Shell. Fastned enlisted Norday as a partner to support them through each phase of their growth. This included refining strategies for different growth stages. The challenge was how to turn market interest into growth.


Entering the European market required a strategy focused on developing a recognisable brand that embodies Fastned’s core values. In 2015, we started with a professional website, emphasizing building trust with governments and investors. The focus was on alleviating uncertainties about fast charging. Around 2020, market awareness of the potential of electric driving increased. From that point, the priority was to leverage this market interest for growth. This led to the launch of Fastned Bonds, a user-friendly shares platform. Raising over €180 million in new capital enabled the expansion of Fastned’s network across Europe.

What we did

Future vision, digital strategy, visual design, development, positioning


180 MLN
growth money raised with investment platform
fast charging stations across Europe

Fastned continues to grow rapidly. And not only in the Netherlands, but they are well on their way to 1000 fast charging stations across Europe. And that exclusively with electricity from the sun and wind.

Fastned is the first to break the catch-22; no chargers, no electric drivers.
With a dense network of charging stations, they initiated the transition to electric driving in the Netherlands. They are fully committed to simplicity for the user: many charging stations at prime locations along the highway that are accessible to everyone (so not like Tesla, which only installs charging points for its own cars). A club of independent pioneers who know how to stay ahead of multinationals.

Idealism and growth go hand in hand at Fastned. And since 2015, we have been accelerating their growth with branding and digital design for multiple touchpoints, from website to charging screens.

The Fastned company has its own culture and approach, although this was not clearly visible from the outside. With the help of Norday a graphic identity was developed that reflects their DNA well and therefore fits like a glove.
Niels Korthals AltesChief Commercial Officer

Getting Fastned ready for the different growth phases

Fastned’s growth consists of several phases that entail different challenges. We tackle this with our proven combination of impact strategy, inclusive design and ethical tech. In order to be able to make an impact on the various users of the service and to achieve annual triple-digit growth figures.

2015: Building trust with governments and investors

As a club of pioneers, Fastned needed a reliable image in the first phase. We developed a site for Fastned with a professional appearance so that governments and partners gained confidence in cooperation. And with which institutional investors were encouraged to invest in this revolutionary idea.

An effective site that enabled Fastned to raise money to build charging stations. But a site that was simple for us to realize, so that as much money as possible could be invested in the growth of the start-up.

2020: Turning market interest into growth with an easy-to-use stock platform

In the next phase, the market also started to see that electric driving was going to become big, and so private investors became interested. Fastned was also the first in the market to have a huge fan base among the first generation of electric drivers.

Because Fastned works ahead of market demand, raising growth capital is essential. To this end, we created an investment platform for private investors. Compliant with the rules of the The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), but also user-friendly. For example, the ‘know your customer’ flow is optimized for the user, and not for internal processes. To date, this has already raised more than 120 million euros in growth money.

Private investors can buy and manage bonds via the Fastned Bonds platform. This saves Fastned about 25% on the support department and on administrative actions. This platform has proven to be essential for scaling up the Fastned operation.

2021: Europe as a consumer market

An important goal of Fastned has been achieved: the problem of charging on the road has been solved and the Dutch government is encouraging electric driving, so many people are switching to an EV. But with that, competitors, such as Shell, are also starting to move in the market. In addition, Fastned has the ambition to accelerate growth and build throughout Europe.

This therefore requires a new step in design: a recognizable consumer brand. We develop a strong brand that is strong enough to appeal to the entire market of European electric drivers.

A recognizable brand that enables new growth phases

At Fastned they are not really into advertising. The visual style therefore tells what Fastned is really about: accelerating the electrical revolution by providing an excellent service. And so it’s all about the user experience while loading. We designed charger screens in such a way that they are accessible at every level. Both in terms of copy and design.

The branding therefore reflects what Fastned stands for: unconventional and super simple to use. No thick designer sauce. But with a clear choice for a striking shape for the charging stations and to claim the color yellow as clearly Fastned.

A solid design foundation under the next growth phases of Fastned.

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