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With the Rotterdampas, you can enjoy the best activities in and around Rotterdam for free or at a discount. Rotterdampas does this with special attention for people for whom this is less obvious, without stigmatizing them. But how do you make this pass so attractive that everyone wants it? We helped Rotterdampas position itself as the ‘Fun Expert,’ encouraging more people to discover their neighborhood and city in a positive way.


Rotterdampas has grown into the largest, most used, and highest-rated citycard in the Netherlands, with over 225,000 cardholders. With an outdoor campaign, website, app, magazine and social media channels, we developed a cross-media platform that ensures maximum enjoyment in your own city. Each medium has its role and contributes to the overall experience, with the app at its core. By now, 1 in 4 poeple from Rotterdam own the pass and more than a million Rotterdampas activities are undertaken. Additionally, over 95% of the available credit for minima has been spent in over 270,000 transactions.

What we did

Positioning, brand concept, visual identity, digital strategy, content strategy, development, and accessibility


1 in 4
people from Rotterdam have a Rotterdampas
of the credit used by minima


  • Nominee Dutch Interactive Awards
Drie plezier principes van Rotterdam
Screenshot van de Rotterdampas app waarop je de ontdek pagina ziet

Discover the city

With Rotterdampas, you can do loads of fun activities in and around Rotterdam for free or at a discount. On the website and in the app, you’ll find endless inspiration to go out: lastminute deals, reviews, vlogs, and lists. This inspiration is linked to the activities page so you can find it in several places. Every week, new activities are highlighted, you can easily see what’s happening in your neighborhood based on your location and you get reminders about activities that are about to expire so you don’t miss out.

My daughter keeps talking about an activity. And that I'm the best.
Rotterdampas user
Overzicht van social media posts Rotterdampas
Actiepagina in Rotterdampas app

Preparing for your outing

Before heading out, you can easily choose an activity from the list or map. Using filters or your location, you can quickly find suitable activities to plan a fun day.

Screenshot van de Rotterdampas app waarin je de digitale Rotterdampas ziet

Your digital pass

In ‘My Pass’, you can find all your family’s passes in one app, so you always have them handy. If you qualify for an additional municipal allowance, you can see in ‘My Credit’ what you’ve spent and what amount is still available.

Screenshot van de pagina waarop je ziet welke Rotterdampas acties je hebt gedaan

Post-activity fun

With the overview of the activities you’ve attended, you can see which what you did and what you saved with the Rotterdampas discount.

Simple, fun and accessible

Rotterdampas fully complies with accessibility guidelines at level AA. For example, the app is fully usable with VoiceOver / TalkBack. Wherever possible, we add extra fun and convenience with videos, animations and a surprising tone of voice.

Vrouwen zitten aan tafel en zijn met elkaar aan het brainstormen

Co-creation in sprints

From brand strategy, visual style and editorial formula to digital strategy, content strategy, and new features in the app… we set up co-creation processes for each project and touchpoint. Starting with problem framing and concept directions, followed by a design sprint in which we develop and validate concepts with end users. In various development sprints, we collaborate with the Product Owner on the final product.

App development with users

The newest and most important touchpoint for inspiration is the app. Throughout the entire design process, we used a test panel of Rotterdampassers. Through interviews, we identified their needs and challenges. We then presented the designs and once the app was built, we tracked their experiences based on their feedback and user data. The end result: a digital heart of the brand that all people form Rotterdam (and the client) can enjoy to the fullest!

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