From policy to tangible impact

We design the digital services of tomorrow together! Based on a shared interest, inclusive and future-proof.

The world of citizens is digitizing rapidly and the role of public organizations is shifting even more toward service provider. We design people-oriented, effective solutions to complex issues.

Design thinking for digital services

Public organizations face challenges in translating policy into practice, often there is a gap between policy intent and visible results for people. And that’s precisely where the crux lies: with people. Through service design, we put customer journeys at the center of the transition to reality. From strategy and concept to implementation.

Norday proves it's possible to do a major digitization stably and within budget by starting small and moving step by step.
Alla Essabtieducation policy advisor, Amsterdam municipality

Service blueprints for implementing the customer experience

We develop concepts for new websites and services in co-creation, mapping the desired experiences for citizens onto customer journeys. To map the conditions for realization from there. We design a service blueprint for the touchpoints at the front end and the necessary technology, training and communication at the ‘back end’ of the customer experience. In this way, we come up with solutions for citizens that are feasible within the organization and designed by a multidisciplinary team.

Accessible and desirable

In design sprints we create the web portals, websites and apps we test with end users. The result: digital experiences that are both highly accessible and attractive and therefore really help and engage people.

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