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Healthcare is under pressure, and the demand for (complex) care will only increase in the future. Thebe, a healthcare organization, aims to lead in innovating and transforming how we provide and organize care. How do we keep healthcare accessible for those who truly need it? How do we ensure that citizens are as self-reliant as possible and that the use of professional care is as meaningful as possible?


Together with Thebe, we developed a vision for the future: Thebe focuses entirely on intensive, essential care, with the principles of ‘self’, ‘home’, and ‘technology’. Since 2023, we have been working in design sprints with employees, clients, and the chain to create new concepts for care. We focus on the interplay between informal carers, volunteers, technology, and digital assistants. The focus is on letting go of tasks that do not fall under essential care and scaling up innovation. With this approach, we make the big challenges manageable and accelerate change; resulting in greater self-reliance for clients and higher job satisfaction for employees. 

What we did

Future scoping, future vision, transformation strategy, service design, customer journeys, prototyping, concept development


job satisfaction

Shared vision of the future

It is a fact that the future of elderly care is changing. We cannot predict exactly what that will look like in 2030, but it does provide direction if we can imagine what is possible and desirable. With our Future Scoping methodology, we explored trends and developments and arrived at a shared picture of the direction Thebe is heading with all 60 managers, client representatives and professionals.

Life journeys in 2030

The life journey (customer journey) is the framework for all sprints. How can we contribute as much as possible to and ensure that people’s lives are as self-reliant as possible? The desired experience is always the starting point for the change we design.

op de linkerafbeelding krijgt een vrouw oogdruppels en op de rechterafbeelding staat een flyer over oogdruppelen

Meaningful care time

The direction that Thebe is going focuses on helping as many vulnerable people as possible who need support and/or intensive care, with as much job satisfaction as possible. That is why we focus on the interplay between informal caregivers, volunteers and the best technology and digital assistants.

In design sprints we develop solutions together with healthcare professionals that lead to the most meaningful care. And the litmus test: how do clients respond?
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