The future of healthcare

The accessibility of healthcare is under pressure and needs to be redesigned. Our mission: design innovation as an accelerator for tomorrow's healthcare.

The future requires that healthcare professionals think and work differently. We are accelerating the transformation of care with strategy, co-creation and technology that puts people at the centre.

Designing for greater autonomy of patients and greater employee happiness

In service design sprints, together with employees, clients and parties from the care system, we come up with new concepts. We accelerate the scaling up of proven technology, develop digital assistants together with employees and design new customer journeys for empowering people to be more autonomous (and for professionals to let go of caretaking tasks). This is how we make major challenges manageable and set change in motion. The result: more self-reliance of clients, and greater job satisfaction among care professionals. Want to know more? Check the cases or contact us.

Norday's design thinking-and-doing approach helps tackle big challenges into manageable smaller problems through ‘How might we...’ questions. The process facilitates us to think creatively and to act outside the comfort zone.
Karin VinkProgram manager future of care, Thebe

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