Future proof cultural experiences

Our mission: future-proof collections, engaging storytelling and the ultimate visitor experience for museums, cultural heritage institutions, venues and podium arts.

Norday makes museums and heritage institutions future-proof with digital storytelling, new presentation formats and experience design. We believe in innovative and transformative cultural experiences that make your visitors smarter, more resourceful, and more empathetic.

Hybrid, personal museums

Norday sees the museum as a catalyst for new ideas. Our mission is to use digital stories and applications to make the museum an accessible place of imagination and encounter, both physically and digitally. We aim to create an open, hybrid museum where we offer new perspectives on the past, contextualize current events, and inspire visitors to envision a better future. We achieve this through the use of digital storytelling platforms, linked open data collections, apps and AR/VR experiences. This way we bring history, art and culture to life in an adventurous, unforgettable and personal manner.

Thanks to Norday, we now have a platform that provides context for more than 12.5 million sources linked to over 300,000 individuals, thousands of places, themes and events.
Lizzy JongmaProduct owner Oorlogsbronnen.nl

Visitors' perceptions

In all our projects, the visitor is at the centre. Therefore, we adopt a service design approach, collaborating with the museum team to develop concepts that resonate with various audience groups. Using digital collections and content, we create narrative worlds that may include timelines, maps, people, stories and current themes. We use linked open data standards so that the collection and stories can be used in apps, web platforms and interactives. And we don’t stop there: we develop and implement content formats that connect these stories across social media, the website, and within the museum itself.

Our culture cases

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